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Collection: Astrid Grue

Astrid Grue (b. 1957) models in clay and draws her inspiration from nature. Right from childhood, she has allowed herself to be fascinated by natural mysticism and natural phenomena. Norwegian folk tales are full of myths and stories about enlivening nature. In fairy tales and legends, nature has an inherent value and power that affects people's senses in a direct way. Astrid finds motivation for her artistry in precisely this power. In her art, she examines the meeting between man and nature, and culture and nature.

She is educated in ceramics at the Bergen art and craft line, and further in ceramic sculpture at the Art Academy in Trondheim. She also has a three-year degree from the Norwegian Academy of Fine Arts in Oslo. Astrid has participated in several exhibitions, done a number of decorating assignments and has been purchased by Nord-Østerdal VGS, Nes Kulturhus and Tynset art association.