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Collection: Eva Harr

Eva Harr (1951 - 2024) is a painter and graphic artist. She has studied at the Statens Håndverks- og Artindustriskole and the Statens Academy of Arts. Died 2024

About her art she writes:

"My visual narrative is about states and moods, light and darkness. An inner landscape, filled with symbols and details from the northern landscape; my origin and my most important source of inspiration.

Here there is a lot of homesickness and reminiscences, but also traces of contemporary references to something that exists, but which is perhaps not so easy to spot. Meditations and silence
moments, musical experiences, states I think we need.

My motifs of old houses - with their strong and beautiful expressions, which for a long period fell into disrepair in many places - have been a form of "house protection".

I hope that some of my pictorial interpretations can convey a combination of belonging, history and poetry. A house is a face, and perhaps the safest thing we know, especially when we call it HOME!

Ever since the beginning of my artistry, my pictures have revolved around this theme. My distance from this landscape, after fifty years in Oslo, has created a different kind of closeness to the northern part of the country and a greater awareness of my cultural belonging.

I mainly spend my working days in my studio in Oslo, and partly in Lofoten.

The most important thing for me is to create a visual world as an argument for nature's important place in our common identification, not least in our time where the climate threat is the most important thing we have to deal with.

Nature has gained a much stronger place in our lives, and the fear that we will further destroy and disturb nature, which is our common lung, is naturally increasing.

That's why it feels more important than ever to convey nature experiences through my work."