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Collection: Trudy Wiegand

Trudy Wiegand is an artist from Australia who has lived in Norway since 1994. Her artistic expression is characterized by an abstract form and is inspired by nature and its colours. She describes her work as bold, experimental and full of energy, and it is at the intersection between abstract and figurative art. Wiegand has been engaged as an artist since 2005, and during this time she has used various methods and techniques to create her works of art.

Trudy Wiegand uses gestural and expressive techniques in the work with her pictures. She makes large, physical movements and lets the paint flow to create a dynamic effect. At the same time, she is also concerned with the smallest details and uses thin brushes to achieve precision. An important element in her work is the composition of colours, and she selects a color palette before she starts painting. She then works with mixing colors and the interaction between different shades, hues and color saturation. The result is a characteristic dynamic that occurs at the intersection between the conscious and the accidental.