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Collection: Runi Langum

Runi Langum, born in Drammen in 1958, captures in her drawings a quick movement, a moment in the dance. Expressively, and with a spontaneous representation of one's own movement, the moment is frozen. Many of the drawings have a reality in them, an elegance where the dancer's poetic and beautiful movement is enhanced with a tone of colour, or a line. While other drawings glow with power and energy. With a sharper and more brutal line, but within the same motif circle, dance. Runi Langum is said to be one of Norway's best cartoonists. She is known for working in monumental formats, but some of the drawings can be found in relatively small formats.

After studying at the art academy in Trondheim 1978-1983, she continued her studies at the Ecole Nationale Superieure des Beaux Arts in Paris 1983-1986 where she specialized in drawing and received the 1st prix de dessin in 1986. She is purchased by several museums and galleries, and has many separate exhibitions behind him. She was a festival artist in Galleri EKG during the Kirsten Flagstad festival 2017.