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Collection: Annette Hveem Narum

Annette Hveem Narum has a studio at Eina in Vestre Toten, and at Peder Balke Senteret at Billerud on the Cape. She is a member of Norwegian Visual Artists, Norwegian Graphic Artists and Visual Artists in Oppland.

One coat too many can destroy the balance. Painter and graphic artist Annette Hveem Narum works in the contrast between order and chaos. This is expressed in the precise stroke and the minimalist cut.

Broad, transparent brushstrokes combined with paint straight from the tube contribute to the naturalism of the motifs being expressed in a simplified or abstract form. This is how the images become universal.

The tone of color determines the mood of the picture. The meeting points and opposite poles in color and composition create the motif. - Through the color composition, she seeks to create an even balance. She works with a complex silence.

The landscape, preferably with elements of architectural elements, often characterizes the works. It is often impressions, seen out of the window in the studio, or during walks in the open countryside, that find their way to the canvas. There it appears in an abstracted form, but occasionally with recognizable elements.

The important thing for Annette is that the painting and the composition tell a story. She brings out the durable and fragmented against the compact and massive. This way they become soft and poetic, but equally intense.

The crossroads in life and the repeating tracks we set are clearly evident in her choice of themes, and perhaps especially in those in her graphic works.