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Collection: Eli Hovdenak

Eli Hovdenak born 1956, is educated at the Norwegian School of Crafts and Crafts and the Norwegian Academy of Arts. She made her debut in 1985 and has since had a number of solo exhibitions, including festival exhibitor in Elverum Art Gallery in 2010. Her pictures have been purchased by, among others, The Norwegian Culture Council, the National Gallery and the National Gallery as well as a number of municipalities. In Hedmark, she has decorations in Ottestadhallen in Stange Municipality and in the University of Hedmark, Evenstad department

Hovdenak has decorated i.a. Hunderfossen playland. Ullevål patient hotel and Kripos in Oslo. She has been a member of the purchasing committee for the National Gallery and a jury member at the Statens Høstutstilling.

Gallery EKG (formerly Elverum Art Gallery) has had the following projects with the artist:

  • Festival exhibition in 2010 and launch of Margrethe Munthe's songbook "Bukke nikke neie" in connection with her 150th anniversary. Exhibition of illustrations by Eli Hovdenak. Collaboration partner: Cappelen Damm
  • Norwegian Forest Museum and the Nordic Hunting and Fishing Days 50 years: anniversary graphics and profile. Design: Irene Arnestad, Idea/project: Elverum Art Gallery
  • Elverum Municipality: The municipality's anniversary gift. The entire edition of woodcuts "Blomsterbud"
  • Nursing Award 2018