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Collection: Elizabeth Norseng

Festival artist 2023, Elisabet Norseng was born in Oslo in 1959. For more than 20 years she has lived and worked in Paris, only interrupted by a few years in Rome. In 2016 , she moved to Hamar. She has since studied in the early 80s, i.a. under Boge Berg and Inger Sitter at the Norwegian Academy of Fine Arts has had extensive exhibition activity both at home and abroad. She has received a number of scholarships and awards, and has been purchased by, among others, The National Museum of Contemporary Art.

Norseng works with painting, photography, video and non-figurative works on paper. Her works are open and playful. Whether the images refer to nature or are more abstract, she strives for a suggestive and fleeting expression rather than a direct depiction. For her, reality is dynamic and constantly changing.