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Collection: Harald Lyche

"One evening I saw the book program Brenner og Bøkene on Nrk, which started with Hans Olav Brenner driving his car towards Helgøya to meet Karin Olssøn there. She thought she had Norway's oldest reading circle. After the meeting, there was a recording from Hamar Kulturhus and a conversation with author Knut Faldbakken. He talked about his work with his latest book, where he used his local knowledge of the area as a framework for the narrative. He explained very beautifully about the Mjøs light and how the sun went down over Helgøya in winter. The program stayed with me. After a few days, I went to NRK Nett-tv to watch again. What Faldbakken talked about, making use of the locally known, resonated with me. Because I had done something similar myself. Instead of going into a white studio, away from context, I had gone to To the places that meant something to me. I wanted to work in a dialogue there," says Harald Lyche