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Collection: Hilde Grønstad Sunde

" My works have come out of a moment's experiences or wonder about something that has been jotted down as a quick sketch, a kind of note that I can then work on in the studio. The absence of photographic documentation has made it easier for me to get to the core of what is really something, without being disturbed by unnecessary details. I have analyzed and considered how I could best get the image where I wanted, and it has been a long process. The colors, the shapes, everything has helped to support it I wanted to convey."

Hilde Grønstad Sunde is originally from Toten but moved to Gjøvik after several years in Maridalen in Oslo. She has her artistic education from the Statens Håndverks- og Kunstindustriskole with a major from the Department of Colour, 1992.

In Galleri EKG, Hilde Grønstad Sunde has had the following solo exhibitions:

Festival exhibition, 2008 (Festivals in Elverum)

The gallery's opening exhibition in Hamar, 2014

Festival Exhibition in, 2016 (The Festivals in Elverum)

The solo exhibition "Walking in my artistic landscape", 2018

The solo exhibition "Reflections", 2021