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Collection: Ida Løkken Anstensrud

In da Løkken Anstensrud (b. 1980) studied at the Oslo Academy of Fine Arts, department of graphics. She is originally from Biri, and now lives at Østre Tveter Gård in Våler in Østfold. Anstensrud has participated in a number of exhibitions.

This is what the artist himself says:

I move between different forms of expression and like to experiment with technique and subject areas. The main emphasis of my works is still in painting and graphics with a figurative language. The common thread can be found in the theme. Memories, identity and belonging to a place are key keywords. The motifs often depict people in various situations and everyday moments, often combined with psychological or surreal undertones. In addition to being a visual artist, I have a background as a practical communicator of historical agriculture, and work as a forestry worker. This experience with actionable knowledge and manual work provides fertile ground for reflection and reflection, and is the inspiration for many of my works.