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Collection: Kikki Hovland

Kikki Hovland, born in Vancouver, Canada, in 1971.

Today she lives and works in Fossekleiva - an artist center and historical cultural center in Svelvik municipality, Vestfold. Member of NBK and BBK. She also has a studio in SAF Drammen, under the auspices of the professional organization BBK (Buskerud Bildende Kunstnere).

Kikki Hovland mainly works with painting and then most often with material oil paintings in many layers. She also works with photography, lithography, land art, collage, drawing, prints, etc. Since her debut in the early 90s, she has had a large number of separate and collective exhibitions and participated in many art projects, larger photo commissions, theater/scenography , as well as teaching both municipally and privately. She is a member of Norske Billedkunstnere, participated several times in jury work and curation, held a board position in the professional organization (BBK) and continuously participates in exhibitions and art projects.

Kikki Hovland's works are often characterized as surreal as they turn towards the inner landscape of the viewer. She has an engaging lyrical and innovative style, often characterized by organic elements, symbolism, landscapes and animals. Sound, dance and movement are strong sources of inspiration in her paintings, which are often both bright and colourful. The paintings focus on both the individual's inner and outer world, and in this way depict the intensity of life. Nature is an intense and constantly recurring inspiration, this leaves traces in both concrete and abstract expressions. She often uses physical leaves and plants, presses them and incorporates them into the paintings by using the organic forms as negatives.