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Collection: Mary Follinglow

Mari Follinglo works full-time as a visual artist in Trondheim. She comes from Lier in Buskerud, and has lived in Trondheim for 25 years.

The artist has developed his own technique and works with acrylic, egg oil tempera and oil paint. The various elements are worked into the canvas in layers, which gives a marked and exciting texture. The paint is applied, scraped off, and added again so that life and texture emerge in the surface. This way the colors from an underlying layer can reappear. The balance in Follinglo's pictures lies in harmonizing the weight of the various colors and shapes from outer to inner. The expression is energetic, lush and colourful.

In the 15 years she has been painting, she has had several solo exhibitions, group exhibitions and decorations around the country. She draws inspiration for painting from small and large moments in everyday life.