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Collection: Morten Gran

Morten Gran has a workshop in Ski and at Rena, and has been an active visual artist since his breakthrough in 1996. He is self-taught, and entered NBK through admission to UKS. Gran has mainly worked with painting, but eventually also with performance, sound and sculpture.

​The background for the various projects is often studies of environments, but also phenomena around him, which he brings into the process. All the projects are developed through exploration and improvisation, often this gives the expression he is looking for. Gran operates in the figurative and the abstract landscape in the painting.

The sculptures are a cross between the animal and the human, where the expression is rough and shows clear traces of the tool. In the summer studio, the sculptures grow throughout the year when winter lets go. They are cut from wood that comes from the forest. In the studio, the figures stand in groups, as if they are eagerly busy with various tasks. All with their animalistic angles.