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Collection: Morten Juvet

Morten Juvet is an artist who delivers fabulous and magical picture universes. He is both a painter and graphic artist and lives on the farm Marienborg in Holmestrand. It is here that he finds the inspiration for his artworks - the nature and forest around him. He explores both animals and trees in his subjects and allows them to interact with people. The use of color forms an important part of Juvet's figuratively fabulous picture universe.

Morten Juvet has his education from the Art School in Trondheim, and has also studied at Studieatelieret in Bergen under Kåre Tveter, before going to Oslo and the Norwegian Academy of Fine Arts. Here it was Ludvig Eikaas who was his teacher and great source of inspiration. At the academy he also studied graphics with Arne Haavardsholm Malmedal and Victor Lind.

It is said of Morten Juvet that the picturesque has gained greater and greater importance in his art. He formed Gruppe Elg in 1975 together with Petter Brønn and Magne Rudjord and together they highlighted socially critical attitudes in their artistic work. Through collage and concept art, they challenged the view of art at the time and let the criticism manifest in their artistic expressions.

Morten Juvet has had exhibitions all over the country and abroad and has been purchased by many of the major galleries and museums in Norway. The National Museum has four of his works in its possession. His colorful picture universe conveys a magical and almost animistic way of thinking, where the birch, the fox and the hare together with the red fly agaric get a very special meaning in his picturesque stories.

Morten Juvet is an artist who creates imaginative and magical imagery in his paintings and graphics. He resides on the Marienborg farm in Holmestrand, where he draws inspiration from nature and the surrounding forest. His works often feature animals and trees interacting with humans, and his use of color is an important aspect of his figurative and imaginative imagery.

Juvet studied at the Trondheim School of Art and then at the Study Workshop in Bergen under Kåre Tveter, before attending the Oslo National Academy of Fine Arts where he studied under Ludvig Eikaas. He also studied printmaking with Arne Haavardsholm Malmedal and Victor Lind.

Juvet's artwork has gained increased focus on the painterly aspects, and he co-founded the Elg Group in 1975 with Petter Brønn and Magne Rudjord, creating socially critical works through collage and conceptual art that challenged contemporary art perspectives.

Juvet has exhibited works throughout Norway and internationally, with many of his pieces being acquired by major galleries and museums, including the National Museum which holds four of his works. His colorful imagery conveys a magical and animistic mindset, where birch trees, foxes, hares, and red mushrooms hold a special significance in his painted narratives.