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Collection: Rino Larsen

RINO LARSEN (b. 1961) is a Norwegian artist with a long background as an illustrator and designer. He has had a number of exhibitions and has gained a large audience in a short time. As an artist, Larsen works mainly with prints and acrylic paintings, and his distinctive style is often recognizable by strong colours, graphic shapes and exciting contrasts.

The motifs are created in the space between the random and the controlled. It is often a mixture of styles and genres. He follows no form or rules, but experiments his way from image to image. The compositions are complex and energetic, and in many of them there are hidden elements and messages that you don't always experience without careful study.

The narrative style has undoubtedly changed after the artist's first visit to Valencia, where he lives and works for half the year. The experience in the old town of El Carmen, which is a large district and full of fantastic graffiti, provides creative energy, the joy of creation, joy of life, new challenges and lots of impulses.
 « When I create images, I like to experiment and explore techniques and methods. From time to time I make small discoveries in one technique that I can bring over to another. I create graphics as DGA or screen printing where I build up the images with drawn and painted elements that are photographed and built up as a form of collage.'